Discover the Endless Benefits of a Zero Energy Home!

               WHY A ZERO ENERGY HOME?

    #1     Designed for $0 Energy cost on monthly electric bills
             Designed for $0 Energy cost on winter heating bills    
             Designed for $0 Energy cost on summer cooling bills
    #2     A home built strong enough to withstand hurricane/tornado winds
    #3     A home that is rodent/insect resistant
    #4     A home that is mildew resistant and fire retardant
    #5     A home with pure air & water to protect your family from environmental pollution
    #6     A home you can afford with very low maintenance and be proud to show off

    Aesthetically the same ~ Physically Different
What’s the difference between a Zero Energy Home and a stick built home?

                  EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink

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Our Zero Energy Home Department will provide you with a trained Zero Energy Technician (FREE of Charge) to help you plan your future Easy Living Zero Energy home; from 1000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft.

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"Everyone was professional, clean, punctual and exhibited great workmanship.  All promises were kept and the end result was better than anticipated.  We would and will highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you Endless Mountains." - DeeJay & Ed C. 

"At the outset I had a number of reservations about the project. Very happily all of these reservations were completely unfounded. I met with Endless Mountains and I was very impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. Endless Mountains handled everything design, construction and most important, the complex paperwork and permitting processes.  Their businesslike approach and willingness to listen and answer questions was outstanding." - Jack D.

"I'm off of Oil entirely. for us the overriding reason to go solar was to find an alternative to the heating oil, which is by far our biggest energy expense. our local electric company also told us that this firm is 1 of 3 that they enjoy working with because 'they know what they are doing.'" -June P.

What is a Zero Energy or Net Zero Home?
A zero energy home or net zero home is a home that produces the same amount of energy on site as it consumes. Many home builders advertise to have "zero energy" homes but in reality they promise nothing more than a reduction in consumption through standard energy efficiency measures. A true Zero (0) Energy Homes can be yours through properly planning with the right design company. Whether you live in MA, PA, NY or CT we can help you eliminate your homes energy bills or help you design and construct a beautiful new zero energy home. 0 Energy Homes receive special treatment from state, federal and local authorities and are typically more cost effective from day one due to their reduced energy costs and incentives to build. Imagine owning a home with just a mortgage and virtually no energy bills.

Can't I do it myself?
Some homeowners try and do it themselves but run into a list of complicated terms to describe processes to reduce or eliminate energy consumption such as Solar Thermal, Solar Heating, Solar Hot Water, Solar PV or Electric, Geothermal, Air to Air Source Heat Pumps, Hot Water Heat Pumps, Radiant Floor Heating, High Efficiency Air Conditioning, ICF Construction, Spray Foam Insulation, RESNET and BPI Certified. Every home is different so let us handle the Design, Procurement and Construction of your current Zero Energy Retrofit or future Zero Energy Home.  Many think of a Net Zero Home or Zero Energy Home as an upgrade to a normal home but we like to think of it as a passive solar home on steroids! Well designed, well built.

Do the products you work with have reputable backgrounds?
We are proud to work with some of the best names and brands in the industry such as Solar World, Siemens, Enphase, Unirac, GE, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Carrier, Stiebel Eltron and more. We are proud to also offer financing opportunities for 0% to low interest rates through various lending partners, PPA's for solar energy production in MA known as our MA PPA and unique financing to help capture as close to 100% of all Federal and State tax incentives. We have degree qualified staff members who are experts in their field to help you plan a strong future of energy independence through high efficiency living and onsite energy production.

Are there any warranties to protect my investment?
Each manufacturer that we work with provides their own warranty. Most however, are very long term such as Solar PV. The panels have a 25 year warranty and a very long lifespan even after the warranty has passed. The inverters are warranted for as long as 25 years as well. Some products do not come with a warranty but that doesn't mean it's not expected to last long. For example the piping in Geothermal wells are expected to be incident free for 50 years were as the wells themselves may last hundreds of years. We work with some of the most trusted brands in the industry so you don't have to worry.
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