How is a Zero Energy Home Built?

A zero energy home is built with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). ICF is a system of framework for concrete that stays in place as permanent insulation for energy efficient, cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls. The forms are blocks that lock together somewhat like LEGO blocks and serve to create a form for the structural walls. ICF construction is becoming increasingly common place as more stringent energy efficient and natural disaster related building codes are adopted.

  Zero Energy Home
  Stick Built / Manufactured Home  



Safety &




-Energy savings up to 100%
-No Thermal Bridging
-Thermal Concrete Mass
-Designed to produces own energy needs
-Never pay a utility bill again

-Reduces Greenhouse Gases
-Saves Environmental Resources
-Lifetime Value

-Withstand winds up to 250 mph & withstand debris impact up to 115 mph
-4 Hour fire protection
-Solid Concrete Core

-ICF Forms are non-toxic and do not emit CFC’s or HCFC’s and formaldehyde
-ICF walls do not produce mold growth
-STC Rating vary from 50-55 depending on core thickness

-Designed for Renewable Energy systems to provide 100% of homes energy needs
-Solar PV carries a 25 year warranty with a 30-40 year expected lifespan
-Geothermal lines carry a 50 year warranty and a 100-300+ year expected lifespan

-HUGE Financial Savings compared to industry standards
-30% Federal Tax Credit on Renewable Energy Systems. -$2000 energy efficient home tax credit.
-$300 hot water heat pump tax credit & the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)  
-Provides lower efficiency in energy performance
-Thermal Bridging
-Hollow Cavity (Batt Insulation)
-100% dependent on outside energy sources
-Pay monthly utility bills FOREVER
-Adds to world Greenhouse Gases problem
-Uses Environmental Resources
-25-30 year service life
-Minimal or no resistance to wind born debris damage 

-45-minute fire rating only
-Batt insulation/wood subject to sagging & dry rot 

-Manufactured wood products can contain adhesives 

-Wood walls can retain moisture, allowing mold to grow
-Sound easily travels through wood walls (typically STC 33)

-Entirely dependent on the utility companies for energy resources
-No renewable energy system 

-Heating systems typically have a 1-5 year warranty 

-Typical monthly costs on utilities 
-No Federal Incentives

$5,000 Green Energy Voucher
Our Zero Energy Home Department will provide you with a trained Zero Energy Technician (FREE of Charge) to help you plan your future Easy Living Zero Energy home; from 1000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft.

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