Are there any incentives for a Zero Energy Home and how much money will a Zero Energy Home save you?

The State and Federal government fully support your decision to build a Zero Energy Home. In fact they will provide various incentives to help you make this important decision.

Federal government provides:
30% tax credit on renewable energy systems
$2,000 energy efficient home tax credit
$300 hot water heat pump tax credit

Even though a Zero Energy Home costs slightly more upfront to build, it has a very quick payback. In fact, through the various incentives currently available, a Zero Energy Home will be paid off nearly 7.5 years faster without spending any extra money out of pocket compared to a traditional stick built home. You keep the same budget and still save 7.5 years in mortgage payments. That means keeping all things equal, the extra cost of a Zero Energy Home is not just offset by the eliminated energy costs but those same energy savings can go towards paying down your mortgage 7.5 years faster. A Zero Energy home will save you more than $200,000 over a comparable stick built home through interest expense and energy savings!

A life without bills is a life without worries.

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