Energy bills are rising faster than inflation. Stop the utility companies from taking money out of your pockets!

We are all tired of paying high heating costs! Fuel Oil, Propane, Electric, Gas... No matter your heating fuel source we can eliminate it through cutting edge technologies.
Endless Mountains Zero Energy Homes will design a custom energy solution for your home. For most homeowners we can eliminate your existing high cost heating, hot water and energy wasting systems with a combination of renewable energy and cutting edge high efficient heating technologies with FREE online monitoring. The below shows the components of an effective conversion as shown on our Retrofit page.

Components of an Effective Conversion*:

-Energy Audit to pinpoint energy losses

-Solar Heat pumps to retrofit the hvac & hot water systems

-Solar Photovoltaic Panels to power the heating & cooling systems

-Adding of insulation & window sealing as necessary

                To learn more, please fill out the form to the right and a Zero Energy Technician will contact you to discuss your homes energy needs. There is no cost for this service and we will hold your information private. We NEVER sell customer information. To learn more about heat pumps and the powerful combination of Solar Energy and Heat Pumps, please continue reading below.

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1. What's the magic behind a solar heating system?

It all starts with the sun. The sun warms up our atmosphere and the outer layer of the earth’s crust. In one month the energy sent to the earth by the sun is 50 times higher than the total consumption of energy on our planet. This makes the sun a vast and inexhaustible source of energy. On sunny days you can feel the thermal energy from the sun on your skin. But actually, there is always thermal energy in the air, on cold winter days and even at night. Since the sun will be shining for at least 7 billion years, it is a reliable source of energy. The sun is a free, clean source of energy that isn’t affected by politics, global conflicts, taxes or supply and demand.



2. How does it work? 

A solar heating system only needs a heat source (the outside air), two heat exchangers (one to absorb and another one to release heat) and a relatively small amount of drive energy to keep the system going. A solar heating system extracts thermal energy from the environment. The source is the outside air. The solar heating system extracts the energy at a certain temperature, increases that temperature and then releases it into a medium which in our system is the fan coil units in the home. Between those two media the heat is moved by means of a working fluid. Even in air that’s below freezing, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside a solar heating system extracts this outside heat and transfers it inside. When it’s warm outside, it reverses direction and acts as an air conditioner, removing heat from your home.

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